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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of recruiting does Mosaic HCS do?

Mosaic HCS offers a flex recruiter which is a form of outsourcing a corporate recruiting function, traditional direct hire placement, and traditional temporary staffing. Different clients require different solutions and as a result, Mosaic HCS expands solutions to accommodate the client.

What disciplines or skills sets does Mosaic HCS focus recruiting on?

Much like a corporate HR function, Mosaic HCS is able to source across disciplines. Used recruiting methodologies are sound, proven, and data-driven which allows up to deliver results within any discipline.

What are the recruiting fees?

Fees vary by solution and Mosaic HCS takes into account if a client is utilizing multiple services offered. The goal is to deliver phenomenal results at a reasonable cost that is sustainable for the client. Mosaic HCS truly takes a long-term approach.

What sets Mosaic HCS apart from the competition?

Mosaic’s people. They are prolific HR professionals and deliver results with a high degree of professionalism, trust, and transparency. They are focused and driven yet easy to work with.

What type of HR consulting does Mosaic HCS do?

As former HR Executives and practitioners, Mosaic HCS’ scope is broad, however, engagements tend to focus on M&A due diligence, talent acquisition process improvement, total reward design, and implementation, cultural audits, KPI development, and HR technology implementation.

What is fractional HR support?

Fractional HR support provides flexibility to the client company to only utilize the specific type of HR support needed to augment their current HR department or organization. The scope and depth of support is customized for each client.

Does Mosaic HCS offer an HCM (Human Capital Management) solution?

Yes. Mosaic HCS is partnered with AsureSoftware to offer small to middle-market companies a cloud-based, fully integrated, single database human capital software solution. This means the following functions can be executed on a single platform: Applicant Tracking, Electronic Onboarding, Time Entry, Payroll, Performance Management, Benefits, and Learning Management.

Does Mosaic HCS administer pre-employment assessments?

Absolutely. Mosaic HCS is a strong advocate for validated pre-employment selection and leadership assessment tools. Mosaic HCS is a strategic partner with PointLeader Predictive Analytics.

What is PointLeader Predictive Analytics?

PointLeader Predictive Assessments, also known as, PPA, is a 20-minute, online, dynamic assessment of ten dimensions that predicts job performance across competencies, jobs, industries, and organizations using a proprietary configurable scoring system. It is the industry standard for providing a fair and predictive employee assessment system aligned to jobs and performance.

What type of Learning and Organizational Development solutions does Mosaic HCS have?

Whether you need support in aligning your business goals, training your employees, measuring performance indicators, or employee engagement, Mosaic HCS is here for you and offers support in any area you need.

What trainings does Mosaic HCS offer?

In addition to HCM and HRIS trainings, Mosaic HCS offers monthly leadership development classes. If you have a training need outside of these areas Mosaic will help you fill the gap.

Does Mosaic HCS administer 360-reviews for clients?

Yes. Through a selected distributor Mosaic HCS offers 360- feedback reviews for any size company. Mosaic HCS is the administrator and will guide all employees through the process.

What is the geography that Mosaic HCS can support?

Although Mosaic HCS prefers to work face to face with clients, solutions can be delivered coast to coast.

What is a PEO and does Mosaic HCS offer one?

A PEO is a Professional Employer Organization. Companies that subscribe to a PEO share the employee liability with the 3rd party PEO. Generally, companies subscribe to PEO’s to gain access to medical coverage.  Mosaic HCS does not offer a PEO at this time.

What is an ASO and does Mosaic HCS offer one?

An ASO is an Administrative Service Organization. It is similar to a PEO in that much of the HR administration is outsourced to the ASO, however, employees remain under the company’s EIN. Yes, Mosaic HCS can establish services as an ASO model and refer to it as HR Heaven!

What is HR Heaven?

Mosaic HCS refers to the ASO model as HR Heaven. Whether you need to outsource a fraction of your HR department or the entire group, Mosaic HCS can design and deliver a solution that works for you.

What is the difference between a recruitment and staffing firm? Which is Mosaic?

A recruiting firm typically refers to a direct placement agency (contingency search) while staffing firms typically refer to temporary staffing agencies. Although Mosaic HCS is much broader, both types of talent acquisition strategies are executed for client companies.

What is recruitment process outsourcing (RPO)? Does Mosaic offer this?

Most companies recognize that talent acquisition is extremely important, yet they also recognize that it’s very tedious and requires relentless effort and focus. Mosaic HCS offers talent acquisition or RPO solutions to fill this void.

What are the benefits of recruitment process outsourcing and the selection process?

Time. Elite level recruiting requires relentless focus and execution which is difficult for most companies to achieve. Mosaic HCS’ process is not only efficient; it allows the focus to be on the experience of evaluating talent on your behalf. Ultimately, Mosaic HCS’ goal is for clients to focus their time on value-added decisions, not the process.

What is a full time equivalent?

Full-time equivalent (FTE) generally refers to a full-time employee (or equivalent) which typically means 2,080 labor hours per year (40 hours x 52 weeks). This language is often used during workforce planning discussions.

What workforce solutions are offered?

Mosaic HCS offers a broad range of workforce planning solutions. They range from talent acquisition, human capital software, performance management, learning and development to organization alignment.

What is Lean Six Sigma and does Mosaic HCS offer it?

Lean Six Sigma is a process improvement methodology that cuts waste and improves efficiency. The “Lean” method looks to removing waste and increasing workflow while “Six Sigma” is more data-focused, removes defects, and is geared towards long term consistent results. Both Lean and Six Sigma work toward the same goal. Mosaic HCS offers support in the creation of efficient processes, based on the specific needs of the client.

Does Mosaic HCS offer internships?

Yes, Mosaic HCS offers internships for both undergraduate and graduate students. Mosaic HCS provides a vast array of learning opportunities for students who are seeking real-world experience in the human resources field.

How does Mosaic HCS execute performance management and talent development?

Through the use of data analytics and best practices, Mosaic HCS offers new innovative solutions to manage and develop your talent. Mosaic HCS offers the capability to administer surveys, analyze trends, and find the right solution for you.

What are some talent management key questions for learning and development?

To develop talent the first thing that must be done is a gap analysis. You must understand where your talent succeeds and fails before administering learning and development solutions. The Mosaic HCS team includes professional HR Consultants that will support you on this journey of talent management and development.

How can Mosaic HCS help continuously improve my company?

Mosaic HCS can help hire better talent, execute better processes, and align your organization with strategic goals.

What happens when Mosaic HCS finishes a project?

After the completion of a project, Mosaic HCS continues the professional relationship by maintaining communication with all parties. Through this approach, Mosaic HCS will always be on your side.

What should I expect working with Mosaic HCS?

Mosaic HCS prides itself on engagement and commitment. While working with Mosaic HCS you should expect a high sense of urgency from HR professionals to find the best solution for you.

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