Mosaic Gets You Results.

With the breadth and depth of our HR solutions, WE ARE HR HEAVEN!

Right People in the Right Position

We pride ourselves on understanding your business and earning your trust. We customize and deliver your comprehensive HR and recruiting solutions with a cohesive strategy and single point of contact. We do a lot for you because HR departments do a lot for you.

Talent Acquisition & Workforce Solutions

Your HR Heaven

At Mosaic HCS, we understand the human resource complexity that exists with every business.
Our expertise allows us to offer a broad range of HR strategies and recruiting solutions that deliver results in virtually any environment.


Outsourcing some or all of your staffing functions to our recruiting professionals has huge benefits: Improve your new hire quality, lower your time-to-fill, and improve cost-per-hire.

Retained Search

Our retained model of executive-level recruiting can help you find smart, hard-working, and team-oriented people with the right cultural fit.

Contingency Search

A great way to introduce talent to your organization before making a longer term commitment.

Fractional Resources

Fractional Resources are strategic outsourcing solutions that give your organization access to flexible turn key solutions for short or long term projects.

Human Resources Consulting and Advising

Mosaic Has You Covered

From staffing to leadership development and training, to strategy development and implementation, to technology integration and process improvement, we solve your HR problems.

Background Check and Drug Screening Solutions

Single Database. Single Platform. All-in-one HCM Solution.

Our goal is to deliver the most powerful, compliant, and automated screening solution experience to help our clients achieve greater success with less risk. We strive to provide background checks and drug testing services on a best in class platform with a reduced turnaround time to improve your efficiency and competitive advantage.

Be Aware

Always know who you are adding to your workforce.

100% Compliant Compliance is Key

Your new employee can complete their new-hire paperwork electronically.

100% Electronic and Efficient

A true paperless process.

Superior Technology

Technology is moving fast in the HR space. We help you get there quickly.

A True HR Partner

As experienced HR practitioners, we understand how background checks and drug tests should be administered in an employment context.

Superior Results

A superior process, administered with superior technology, by superior talent, will always produce superior results.

Training, Development & Technology

If you Invest in your people, you can expect a return.

Middle-market companies don’t often have a dedicated training staff to support their growing organization. That is where we come in! Our staff can help design, create and deliver important training and development initiatives to your employees. Our flexible and scalable approach makes it easy to engage us for short or long-term training and organizational development (OD) projects. Our superior learning management system (LMS) gives you access to a robust platform that delivers training electronically.

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