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Welcome to our exclusive portal dedicated to providing insider insights into the world of Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs). At Mosaic Human Capital Solutions, we’re experts in Human Resources that also provide PEO Brokerage Services. That’s important! We understand the human resource function and the strategic role the PEO service can play in providing effective human resources. If you are unsure what a PEO is, we’ll explain. If you know what it is and you’re ready for a professionally managed RFP process to select or compare a PEO provider, we can do that too!

What is a PEO?

A PEO, professional employer organization, partners with small and medium-sized businesses to manage their HR administrative tasks so that businesses can focus on optimizing their core practices and focus on growing their goals. PEOs can cost-effective and allow businesses to shift HR responsibilities to the PEO while retaining control over their operations. PEO’s often provide risk management services and provide access to comprehensive insurance plans.

Why Partner with a PEO Broker Services:

Partnering with a PEO is a strategic decision that, like everything, comes with pro’s and con’s. First and foremost, we suggest a trusted broker partner like Mosaic HCS to help with the evaluation process to ensure we’re focused on the right PEO vendor partners. Once we identify the right vendor partner, we simplify the application process. This is a critical feature, since every PEO is unique making it difficult for employers to get access to multiple quotes. Whether you’re a small business or middle market enterprise seeking scalable HR solutions, we’re here to guide you every step of the way.

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