Mosaic Human Capital is like
HR Heaven! One call, one voice,
one strategy to solve all of your
HR Challenges!
Our scope and capabilities come from our practical experience as former C-Suite CHRO executives and HR professionals. We embrace technology, data, KPI’s and blend that with common sense HR advice to deliver sustainable results that add value to our client’s business operations.
The Right People -
Executing the Right Process -
Using the Right Tools,
Will Deliver the Best Results.
We pride ourselves on being good listeners because like a Mosaic, every organization is different. We concentrate on listening and then measure twice and cut once. We don’t experiment on our client’s time.
HR is Black and White,
but it’s the People
that bring the color
and add the Value!
Align Roles to Strategic plan. Align People to Roles and Careers. Align Performance to Success. Mosaic HCS can help you align your organization to Mission Statement and Core Values. Align your people and train and develop for success!
Mosaic HCM Solutions -
Where People and
Technology integrate!
Mosaic HCM Solution is powered by AsureSoftware. One integrated platform that brings the entire employee life cycle to life! Expertly installed and configured to ensure maximum use and efficiency.

The “Mosaic”
in Mosaic Human
Capital Solutions

Understanding the big picture

A mosaic is a picture that comes together when individual pieces are specifically placed for an image to emerge. This mirrors our approach for companies and job-seekers alike. We take the time to understand the big picture and then tenaciously establish the fit—whether it’s in workforce, business consulting, or process improvement environments.

The “Human Capital”
in Mosaic Human
Capital Solutions

For the betterment of all

We value the intangible qualities that people and companies bring to the well-being of the business culture. These include education, skill, experience, creativity, personality, and moral character. We treat people and companies in a fair, honest, and transparent manner for the betterment of all.

The “Solutions”
in Mosaic Human
Capital Solutions

Maximizing service solutions

All business ventures—large, medium, and small—have the same basic need to maximize performance and competency across the organization. Our services address these needs.

HR Consulting / HR Advise

Today’s business environment requires companies to undergo changes almost constantly if they are to remain competitive. Managing organizational change is critical to reduce employee resistance and performance gaps. Mosaic has extensive experience in managing transition, augmenting staff for special projects, and implementing new programs.

Talent Acquisition & Workforce Solutions

Companies have complex workforce needs that require multi-faceted services. Mosaic Human Capital Solutions delivers a broad range of workforce solutions to help you keep up with the ever-changing enterprise climate.

Mosaic HCM Solutions
(Powered by Asure Software)

Today’s workforce is more tech-savvy and mobile than ever. Mosaic Human Capital Solutions offers a sophisticated HCM system that provides comprehensive HR functions and helps you keep track of your employees no matter how or where they work.

Learning, Development & Alignment

Mosaic clients benefit from our expertise in identifying process improvement and cost reduction opportunities by analyzing processes, procedures, methods, manpower, equipment and layouts.

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