Why Mosaic

Innovation and Authentic HR professionals

Mosaic Earns Trust

Servant Leadership

Mosaic HCS was formed with the mission of earning the trust of client companies and job seekers alike as a leading provider of recruiting, staffing and human capital solutions. We earn that trust by providing value-added services while committing ourselves to Servant Leadership.

Unique and Different

Good Stewards of Community Resources

The inspiration for our company name comes from the ancient mosaics found in Cathedrals throughout the world. Each mosaic is uniquely different and beautiful because it’s made up of thousands of individual pieces. We see organizations the same way, unique and different because of the thousands of individual pieces. We treat people in a fair, honest and transparent manner while also being good stewards of community resources. We’ve created a firm that responds to the needs of HR practitioners, delivering a broad range of relevant services.

Henry Martinez of Mosaic Human Capital Solutions is a trusted advisor. Henry has a unique way of taking his corporate-level experiences and incorporating them into practical and real-world HR solutions that make sense. Henry is always mindful of the P&L and we appreciate the data and KPI based approach solving human capital needs.

James Walsdorf (Bear) - Executive Vice President, Mission Pharmacal

Mosaic's Mission

Our Mission is to help people and businesses reach their goals, through effective and sustainable solutions executed by innovation and authentic HR professionals.

Core Values

Faith, Family, Integrity, Value Creation, and Corporate Citizenship


Our vision is to be a premier provider of diversified and strategic human capital solutions in the markets for which we operate, through our innovative thinking, superior project execution, and continuous customer focus.

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