Talent Acquisition & Workforce Solutions

Talent Acquisition &
Workforce Solutions

We build High-Peformance Teams

Mosaic HCS delivers when it comes to talent acquisition. In this tight labor market, you need access to a swiss army knife of solutions, not just a single solution. At Mosaic HCS, we understand elite talent acquisition from the inside out and we use that knowledge to deliver a broad range of solutions that meet virtually any requirement.


Strategic. Effective. Sustainable.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is an excellent way for middle market companies to access the efficiencies and scale of large company technology and processes. Flexible, scalable, and sustainable, let Mosaic HCS worry about your talent pipeline. We focus on sourcing, qualifying, and matching the best candidates with your organization and let you focus on the important decisions that make your business grow.

Permanent Placement

When hiring the absolute BEST is a requirement.

When hiring the best and turning over every stone is necessary to do so, permanent placement is an excellent solution. We’re agnostic to industry and have the experience and skill to source across functions. The harder to find, the harder we work. We specialize in technical engineering, information technology (IT), accounting and finance, human resources, and general administrative roles. Want to be sure and confident your search was broad enough? Give us a call.

Temporary to Permanent

A way to ensure a good fit. 

A Temporary to Permanent solution is an excellent idea when ensuring a good fit is top priority. Mosaic HCS sources talent as effective for this solution as we do any other, however we offer an added flexibility by providing 3rd party payroll service so you can fill a temporary need, yet have the option to hire permanently if circumstances allow.


Additional administrative flexibility to bridge the gap.

Let’s face it, administering a full complement of Human Resource services and functions is difficult, complex, and costly. For companies that have the need for robust HR programming, but don’t want to invest in the systems infrastructure, labor, or HR expertise needed to administer in-house, Mosaic Professional Employer Organization (PEO) may be right for you. Our PEO solution offers clients turn-key HR administration execution and expertise. We focus on the HR, so you can focus on growing your business.

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