Powering and Executing the Business of Learning and Development with Learning Management Technology


Our philosophy is simple. Hire the best talent that fits your system. Commit yourself to developing that talent. Develop your talent in a way that’s aligned with the growth of your businesses. Easy to say, hard to do, but easier to achieve with tools like this:

Take your company to the next level with Mosaic Learning Management System (Mosaic LMS), a SAS based learning solution your company can use to efficiently and consistently deploy critical training content to your employees. We focus on your training, so you can focus on operating your business. Don’t just say you are a learning organization, put processes and tools in place to demonstrate it. Training effectiveness will improve and so will employee engagement.

Section 1: On-boarding

Still using PowerPoints or hard copy handouts during the new hire process to present content or document an acknowledgment or policy? Make this your first step to move to an electronic environment. Imagine if most if not all of your new hire onboarding process is electronic. Very possible.

Section 2: Customize Your Content

With Mosaic LMS, you can develop or deploy your own content, or we can help you with the process. Think about unlimited customized online or SCORM courses and choose which should be available for each group of learners. Tasks such as games, graphics, narration, videos, links, quizzes, and graded exams can be easily incorporated into any course without the need for additional software or programming skills. Take engagement and retention to a wholenew level. Let’s start building your content library today!

Section 3: Compliance, Tracking and Reporting

Our learner tracking system allows you to enroll your employees in online courses and monitor individual progress with different levels of administrative privileges if needed. With Mosaic LMS, you can view and manage groups within your account, create completion certificates, run custom reports, and turn on automated notifications with ease. Seize the advantage that e-learning, online training, testing, and assessment can give your business – use it to replace costly real-time seminars and deliver more training to more people affordably.

Section 4: Align Your Organization

Align your culture and strategy with your people strategies. Hire the people that will add the most value to your business. Be intentional with how you on-board and strategic with how you train and develop. Focus every ounce of energy into creating and developing value through your employees. Do it with a trusted partner, do it with superior technology. Mosaic LMS Solutions: Let’s work on your Mosaic today!

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