Learning, Development & Alignment

Learning, Development
& Alignment

Driven to Achieve Your Desired Results

Talent Management and Development

At Mosaic Human Capital Solutions (HCS), we are excellent at being more than just another consultant. We are your business partners and we are driven to achieve your desired results. First, we engage with your stakeholders and learn about their short and long-term business goals. We then use our deep knowledge and experience in continuous improvement concepts to develop strategies and projects to achieve those results.

Mosaic HCS has the capability of designing and developing customizable content to fit your company needs. We have the flexibility to deliver content in-house or at a more desired location. Our experience includes but is not limited to the following: Leadership Development Assessments, Leadership Training Delivery, Strategic Organizational Alignment and Goal Setting, 360 Feedback Surveys, Engagement Surveys, Conflict Resolution Training, Learning Management System (LMS) Capability, and Computer Based Training (CBT).

Leadership Development

Effective Leadership

Mosaic HCS has a partnership with PointLeader Predictive Analytics for the administration of the PointLeader Potential Assessment (PPA) developed by Dr. Scott Davies. The PPA consists of 180 questions and should take approximately 20 minutes to complete. The leadership development results of the PPA provides outputs on personality and ability ratings that relate directly to the specified job competencies. These personality and ability traits are commonly accepted as essential for effective leadership. For more information on PointLeader please feel free to visit their website.

Leadership Training Delivery

Skills Needed to Succeed

The one-day session focuses on supervisor basics, HR basics, and the leadership assessment. The course curriculum is designed for first-time supervisors or managers to equip them with the skills needed to succeed in their new roles. The customizable feature of the content allows for employees of various industries to attain value out of the session. Courses are aligned to three leadership competency areas: Leading Others, Leading Self and Leading the Organization.

The transition from individual contributor to competent front-line supervisor can be trying and requires new skills. Newly appointed supervisors must be able to position themselves as the leader to gain respect from others. In addition, newly appointed supervisors must move from focusing on just tasks and individual performance to focusing on people and working through people to accomplish tasks.

Strategic Organizational
Alignment and Goal Setting

Creating the Most Value

Strategic organizational alignment and goal setting in terms of trying to achieve organizational alignment, we suggest focusing on how well the following information is communicated, understood, and executed:

  • Mission Statement
  • Core Values
  • Strategic Plan
  • Organization/Division/Department Goals
  • Employee Engagement & Performance Management

True alignment creates continuity and consistency in terms of employee messaging and trying to encourage certain employee behaviors that create the most value.

Increase effectiveness of
Communication and
Decision-making Skills.

Skills Needed to Succeed

At Mosaic, we feel that it is important to have a Continuous Improvement culture within your company. This philosophy looks at change in small, incremental steps, relying on ideas put forth by employees. Small changes can usually be implemented inexpensively and helps employees to take ownership of their ideas for improvement. Continuous Improvement methodologies encourage open communication and feedback, are measurable and are successful in bringing about positive change within the organization and your customers.

Central to Lean and Six Sigma methodologies is the idea of solving problems and improving processes. Lean focus is on creating greater value for customers by reducing waste or non-value-added activities. It uses a multitude of tools, processes, and ideologies to help achieve this. Process mapping, value stream mapping, fishbone diagrams, Pareto charts, 5S and 5Why, just to name a few, are used to identify value and waste. Six Sigma is a data-driven approach that provides organizations with tools to reduce process variation and increase performance & quality.

Mosaic teaches and works alongside your organization to install these and other methodologies with the goal of reducing costs, increasing profits, and building a stronger entity to serve your employees and customers.

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